Nathan Bax Memorial Regatta North Island Championships Notice Of Race

Notice of Race & Special Sailing Instructions

Nathan Bax Memorial Regatta at Rotoiti (ROTOITI SPRINTS BACH REGATTA) 

Nov *6, 7 and 8 NOV 2020

Series will be Governed by the “Rules” as defined in the Current Racing Rules of Sailing , except as noted below.

All boats sail at their own risk. 

*(Friday 6 is a practice- training day.)

Race area will be off Gisborne Point, Lake Rotoiti.

Briefing 900 Hrs Sat 7 Nov.  Race 1 Warning Signal 1000 Hrs (Approx)

Boats shall conform to Current Class Rules and YNZ Safety Regulations Part 1. 11, & Life Jackets must be worn at all times while afloat.

Courses shall be Port courses consisting of 2 x Windward / 2 x Leeward legs. 

Course length will be approx 0.5 Nautical Mile from start to top mark.

The course may be shortened at the bottom mark gate if required, at the discretion of the Race Officer.

The start will be sailing to windward with downwind finishes where possible. i.e the finish will be in the opposite direction to the start.

Start boat will be as described at briefing. Marks will be described at briefing.

Starts sequence shall be over a 3 minute time-frame as follows;

3 Minute (Warning signal), 

2 Minute (Blue Peter up), 

              1 Minute (Blue Peter down), 

0 Minutes (Start, Class flag down)

The start / finish line will be between the Start Boat and the Leeward Mark.

(This may be used as a bottom mark gate.)

Races shall be sailed back-to-back.

The warning signal for consecutive races will be made approx 5 Minutes after the FIRST boat finishes.

Time limits will be as per briefing.

Alternative penalty for on the water infringements will be 1 x 360 degree turn.

All marks shall be taken to port, (The exception of this will be when the start / finish is being used as the bottom mark gate) however touching a mark will NOT constitute a penalty. (The exception to this is at the start and finish.)

No Protests are allowed (i.e. all on the water infringements shall be exonerated on the water)

Scoring System                           First                   1 Point

                                                Second              2 Points

                                                Third                 3 Points

                                                Fourth               4 Points

                                                And so on. (DNF will score the same as last in that race)

Discards; Dependant on the number of races sailed discards will be allowed. This to be advised at briefing.

Peter Millar 

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