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Sir Peter Blake Regatta

The Sir Peter Blake Regatta was hosted by Torbay Sailing Club on behalf of the Sir Peter Blake Trust on the 5th & 6th December 2015.

Results: Javelin Fleet

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 3, Scoring system: Appendix A

Rank SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Nett
1st 523 Tom Andrews Hamish Norton Evans Bay Yacht & Motor Boat Club 2 (3) 1 2 1 1 7
2nd 262 MULLER Antje GETFIELD Wade Horowhenua Sailing Club 1 1 (2) 1 2 2 7
3rd 374 HOWDEN Andrew Mark Gatti Torbay Sailing club 3 2 3 (4 DNF) 4 DNC 4 DNC 16

Official Results

The racing proved to be very close and a whole lot of fun.  Wade did a superb job at keeping Nice One upright, and getting along at a more then good rate of knots.  This gave both the Lee hulls (Flying Cirrus, & Thumper) a real push.  Nice One did end up with a few war injuries including stripping a gennaker on the first day.  Wade also managed to draw some blood and bend a tiller beyond usefulness.

Flying Cirrus on the first day posted some great upwind speed, but unfortunately retired from the 2nd day of race due to injuries.

Tom helm’d Thumper, we managed to improve as the regatta went on, having only sailed together a couple of times a couple of years ago.  Silicon on the centreboard so you can pull it up at the end of the days racing isn’t that useful when trying to stand on it to right the boat.  Tom and I were pipped at the post in one race due to series of turtles.  Phil McNeill sailed with his daughter Holly on a 29er for this regatta.  Thanks Phil for the jib trim hints, Tom and I can report spotting 12 knots of boat speed on the dial at one point going up wind.

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Photos care of – Hugh Norton

North Island Sprint Champs

The North Island Sprint Champs were held on Lake Rotorua by the Rotorua Yacht Club over the weekend (Sat & Sun, 17th & 18th October).

Brief Report from Hamish

Wow! what a reminder of how lethargic my winter has been.  Very short courses in trying conditions (gusty, shifty strong 20-30knot winds) made for some super intense sailing.  Saturday they only managed to get one race away before having to abandon racing due to the combination of carnage and strong winds (various boats losing rigs).  Despite capsizing on the start line with less than 3 minutes before our start, Antje and I managed to get Thumper around the course to take the win from Ben and Colin on Bax Contractors.  Keeping the boat up right gave us that one.  The afternoon saw some of the fleet lying around like seals on the hot paving stones with a beverage in hand until we go the call to go out and give it another go.  Unfortunately they didn’t get another race in and abandoned sailing for the day.  Give how shall the lake it this meant we also got a second session of aqua jogging in and definitively required another beverage.
Sunday the day started a bit more softly and with everyone in a light cheery mood after the Rugby.  Boy that was short lived, after a couple of races / few laps of the short course I’d been reacquainted with my heart & lungs wanting to leap from my chest.  Tack, Tack, Tack, Launch, Gybe, & Retrieve, all with little time to get settled between maneuvers.  Antje’s and I’s lack of sailing together was becoming apparent.  So we swapped over to try and save me a bit.  Although she did want my gloves (who sails a Jav without gloves). The the conditions didn’t let up, and built up to a similar level as Saturday and after numerous swimming lessons we were poached.  We’d managed to pull off another 1st, and at least 1 2nd.  I’m not sure how many races we had but I do know we knocked out 3 races in the first hour.  TrailBlazer were in the mix too, but unfortunately had the squeeze put on them during one of the starts by the 12s, resulting in one of them running over their mainsail and damaging it.
It was magic to see some locals out racing with Bad Blood, and to have Mat McMillan there with Black Bart, and to see Flying Cirrus (Mark and Andrew) make it down from Auckland.
Next event is Auckland 7th & 8th November for South Pacifics Training.
Thanks Antje for proving to be one of the very few people I would sail with in those conditions, and thank you shore crew Erica Newlands for all your effort.


Sail# Boat Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Points
522 Bax Contractors Ben Bax & Colin Shanks 2 1 3 3 1 1 8
523 Thumper Antje Muller & Hamish Norton 1 2 1 2 2 2 8
524 Trailblazer David Brown & David Feek 3 3 2 1 7 7 16
38 Bad Blood Wayne Bigwood 7 4 4 4 7 7 26
318 Black Bart Mat MacMillan & Kez Cameron 7 7 7 7 7 7 35
374 Flying Circus Andrew Howden & Mark Getty 7 7 7 7 7 7 35

Winners of the Australian Championships

Year Boat Name Skipper Crew State Designer or Builder
1970-1971 DFG D. Gibson N.S.W.
1971-1972 DFG D. Gibson N.S.W.
1972-1973 Blaze P. Susans N.S.W.
1973-1974 Blaze D. Fairley N.S.W.
1974-1975 Stiletto I. Powell K. Vance W.A.
1975-1976 Blue Spectra I. Sutcliffe P. Humphries Vic. Sutcliffe
1976-1977 Blue Spectra I. Sutcliffe P. Humphries Vic. Sutcliffe
1977-1978 Bullett J. Hayward D. Outteridge N.S.W.
1978-1979 Bullett J. Hayward D. Outteridge N.S.W
1979-1980 Mac G .Engert P. Campbell N.S.W. Engert
1980-1981 Mac G. Engert P. Campbell N.S.W. Engert
1981-1982 Mac G. Engert P. Campbell N.S.W. Engert
1982-1983 Mondo L. Winter S. Kay N.S.W Peden?
1983-1984 Kristy Lee M. Raphael A. Fatin W.A J. Merton
1984-1985 Night Boat to Cairo M. Clarkson H. Sinclair Vic Hayward/Botterill
1985-1986 Mac-Si-Mum G. Everett R. Nail W.A Engert
1986-1987 Spunout P. Moore A. Jones W.A. R.Cohen
1987-1988 Spunout P. Moore A. Jones W.A. R.Cohen
1988-1989 Illusion R. Hanrahan C. Woodward W.A. R.Cohen
1989-1990 Illusion R. Hanrahan C. Woodward W.A. R.Cohen
1990-1991 Illusion R. Hanrahan C. Woodward W.A. R.Cohen
1991-1992 Suzies Vice J. Tassicker S. Blanchard W.A. R.Cohen
1992-1993 M’Lastshot T. Burt I. Furlong W.A. ’92 J. Merton
1993-1994 Patrol Boat M. Smith B. Gunderson W.A. Engert
1994-1995 Illusion R. Hanrahan C. Woodward W.A. R.Cohen
1995-1996 Target R. Hancock M. Powell W.A. ’92 J. Merton
1996-1997 Target R. Hancock M. Powell W.A. ’92 J. Merton
1997-1998 Ground Zero R. Hanrahan C. Woodward W.A. ’86 J. Merton Windrush
1998-1999 The Other Woman P. Layton D. Russell Vic ’86 J. Merton Windrush
1999-2000 Unplugged B. Williams M. Galland Vic ’86 J. Merton Windrush
2000-2001 Spun Out M. Galland R. Cameron Vic R.Cohen
2001-2002 Fat Boys Swim B. Hennessy S. Watts W.A. ’86 J. Merton Windrush
2002-2003 Fat Boys Swim B. Hennessy S. Watts W.A. ’86 J. Merton Windrush
2003-2004 Unzipped W.Smith B.Williams Vic ’00 Smith/Williams
2005-2006 Fat Boys Swim B. Hennessy S. Watts W.A.
2006-2007 Warren A. Hirst P. Newman Vic  Newman/Hirst
2007-2008 CJW G. Kerman C. Woodward W.A. ’86 J. Merton Windrush
2008-2009 Liquor Box B. Frankcombe B. Taylor Vic Kelly Marine
2009-2010 Liquor Box B. Taylor J. Newman Vic Kelly Marine

South Pacific Interdominion Winners 1968 – 2013

Year Venue Yacht Crew Nationality
1968 – 69 Sydney, NSW, Ausralia Rangi P Walker, D Hutchinson NZ
1970 – 71 Christchurch, New Zealand John Wesley Harding J Bilger, M Ross NZ
1972 – 73 Suva, Fiji Jumping Jehosa Phat J Wilmont, G Davidson Aus
1974 – 75 Belmont, Ausralia Afakazee J Bilger, M Ross NZ
1976 – 77 Auckland, New Zealand Tina I McGill, R Floyd NZ
1978 – 79 Chelsea, VIC, Ausralia Big Bertha G Coleman, L Kennedy NZ
1980 – 81 Napier
New Zealand
Big Bananas G Coleman, L Kennedy NZ
1982 – 83 Toronto, NSW, Ausralia Mac G Engert, P Campbell Aus
1984 – 85 Auckland, New Zealand Nice One C Greenwood, E Berry NZ
1986 – 87 Perth, WA
Spun Out P Moore, A Dean Aus
1988 – 89 Wellington
New Zealand
Blunderbus B Vernon, P Vernon NZ
1990 – 91 Chelsea, VIC, Ausralia Hot Gossip G Cochrane NZ
1992 – 93 Napier, New Zealand Coup de Tat G Ball, C Dagley NZ
1994 – 95 Perth, WA, Ausralia Just Another Illusion R Hanrahan Aus
1996 – 97 Auckland, New Zealand L.A. Woman P Layton, K Robb Aus
1998 – 99 Melbourne
The Other Woman P Layton, D Russell Aus
2000 – 01 Wellington, New Zealand Freckle Deckle A Vallings, H Hey NZ
2002 – 03 Perth, WA, Ausralia Bungholio R Fordyce, C Gilberd NZ
2004 – 2005 Gisborne, New Zealand Freckle Deckle N Taylor, R Brailey NZ
2006 – 07 Chelsea, VIC, Ausralia Warren A Hirst, P Newman Aus
2008 – 09 Tauranga, New Zealand Philnhel P NcNeill, M Smith NZ
2010 – 11 Melbourne, Ausralia Fat Boys B Henessy, A Hacket Aus
2012 – 13 Bay of Islands, New Zealand Philnhel P NcNeill, N Deverell/ H Hey NZ

Javelin Class Sanders Cup Winners (1971 – 2015)

Year Winner Province Venue Skipper Crew
1971 Scheherezade Wellington Wellington P. Williams D. Oliver
1972 Topaz Wellington Wellington B. Coleman M. Sleeth
1973 Topaz Wellington Picton B. Coleman M. Sleeth
1974 Joshua Auckland Dunedin A. Ball P. Newlands
1975 Joshua Auckland Auckland A. Ball P. Newlands
1976 Hombre Auckland Te Anau D. Cochran T. Gallagher
1977 Worzel Gummidge Auckland Wellington R. Vernon P. Vernon
1978 Fleet Scribbler Hawkes Bay Napier D. McBeath D. Zorn
1979 Dancing Queen Auckland Lyttelton W.H.M Paterson M. Ross
1980 Copper Complexion Auckland Auckland G. Duncalf D. Coleman
1981 Fleet Scribbler Hawkes Bay Manawatu D. McBeath D. Zorn
1982 Vitamin C Southland Port Chalmers P. Heads W. Shaw
1983 Coup d’Etat Wellington Te Anau C. Gilberd W. Williams
1984 Hot Gossip Auckland Wellington P. Scoffin S. Mouldy
1985 Hokonui Auckland Picton I. McGill P. Pryde
1986 Wild Fire Auckland Auckland P. Mitchell S. Mitchell
1987 Summer Breeze Wellington Lyttelton G. Cheyne B. Clement
1988 Blunderbus Auckland Wellington R. Vernon P. Vernon
1989 Nice One Auckland Napier I. Vickers J. Bilger
1990 Coup D’Etat Auckland Gisborne G. Ball G. Griffiths
1991 Part Timer Hawkes Bay Auckland D. McBeath G. Bates
1992 Blunderbus North Harbour Port Chalmers C. Gilberd R.Vernon
1993 Bad Blood Hawkes Bay Napier G. Earle C. Valentine
1994 Blunderbus Auckland Wellington P. McNeill R.Vernon
1995 Psycho Hawkes Bay Tauranga G. Earle J.Trow
1996 Magic Bus North Harbour Lyttelton G. Copplestone C. Gilberd
1997 Vertigo Hawkes Bay Auckland J. Trow S. Estcourt
1998 Just Perfick Hawkes Bay Gisborne G. Earle C. Estcourt
1999 Webster & Co Auckland Taupo P. McNeill M. Smith
2000 Freckle Deckle King Country Port Chalmers A. Vallings H. Hey
2001 No Name Required Northland Wellington P. McNeill M. Smith
2002 The Unknown Bay of Plenty Auckland N. Bax B. Bax
2003 The Unknown Bay of Plenty Tauranga N. Bax B. Bax
2004 Phlipnhel Northland Bay of Islands P. McNeill M. Smith
2005 Auckland Gisborne P. Precey J. Thorman
2006 Phlipnhel Northland Auckland P. McNeill M. Smith
2007 Riders on the Storm East Coast Taupo R. Shanks C. Shanks
2008 Riders on the Storm East Coast Napier R. Shanks C. Shanks
2009 Flying Circus Manawatu Gisborne D. Brown G. Roberts
2010 Riders on the Storm East Coast New Plymouth N. Bax C. Shanks
2011 Bay Nissan Bay of Plenty Tauranga B. Bax A. Scott-Mackie
2012 Full Frontal Northland Taupo A. Muller C. Gilberd
2013 Trail Blazer Manawatu Napier D. Brown D. Feek
2014 Phlipnhel Northland Wellington P. McNeill C. Gilberd
2015 Phlipnhel Northland Napier P. McNeill C. Gilberd

X-Class Sanders Cup Winners (1921 – 1956)

Year Winner Province Venue Skipper Crew
1921 Heather Otago Auckland W.J.P. McCulloch W. Wiseman, G. Kellet, D. Paterson
1922 Desert Gold Auckland Dunedin J. Patrick V. Lingard, T. Patrick, F. Cloke
1923 Rona Auckland Auckland A.E. Matthews J. Gifford, V. Lidgard, L.Matthews, H.Brown
1924 Rona Auckland Wellington J. Gifford V. Lidgard, H. Brown, H. Smith
1925 Iona Otago Auckland G.A. Wiseman G. Kellet, G. Wright
1926 Betty Canterbury Dunedin G.G. Andrews A. Round, R. Hampton, I.Treleaven, G. Douglas
1927 Betty Canterbury Lyttelton G.G. Andrews I. Treleavan, H. Ledger, G. Douglas, R. Hampton
1928 Betty Canterbury Stewart Island G.G. Andrews I. Treleaven, F. Morrison, R. Hampton
1929 Avalon Auckland Akaroa A.L. Willetts J. Currie, J. Larratt, F. Cloke
1930 Eileen Otago Auckland G.E. Kellett A. Dawson, J. Robertson, E. Robinson
1931 Betty Wellington Dunedin A. Johnson G. Harlen, L. Robertson, A. Wilson, W. Corin
1932 Avenger Canterbury Wellington G. Brasell F. Foreman, R. Priddy, E. Sinclair, A. Sinclair
1933 Avenger Canterbury Lyttelton G. Brasell F. Foreman, R. Priddy, E. Sinclair, J. Hobbs, N. Hobbs
1934 Irene Canterbury Lyttelton E.O. Sinclair F. Foreman, H. May, S. Fisher
1935 Irene Canterbury Stewart Island E.O. Sinclair F. Foreman, H. May, R. Hendry
1936 Avenger Canterbury Auckland E.O. Sinclair F. Foreman, R. Priddy, S. Sillars
1937 Lavina Wellington Lyttelton J. Coleman J. Nolan, J. Sanford, B. Williams
1938 Kitty Wellington Dunedin N.D. Blair R. Morrison, N. Banner, J. Elliot
1939 Huia Canterbury Bluff W.A. Tissiman W. Hemsley, S. Sillars, J. Olsen, H. Brodie
1940 Caress Auckland Wellington W. Rogers R. Rogers, D. Rogers, R. Wilson
1941 Caress Auckland Auckland W. Rogers R. Rogers, D. Rogers, R. Wilson
1942 – 1945 , World War II – No Contest
1946 Davina Auckland Lyttelton S. Mason T. Mason, M. Mason, G. Mason
1947 Diane Auckland Auckland A.L. Willetts R. Croad, E. Croad, L. Willetts
1948 Bettina Auckland Dunedin S.A Mason T. Mason, M. Mason, G. Mason
1949 White Heather Auckland Wellington J.H Young L. Riley, R. Lamb, F. Swanberg
1950 Amethyst Auckland Auckland C. Robertson R. Higgins, R. Lidgard, F. Taylor
1951 Venture Canterbury Lyttelton P.G Mander J. Cropp, T. Smith, A. Nicholson
1952 Flying Cloud Auckland Timaru N. Thom R. Thom, G. Bevins, T. Blackie
1953 Frith Canterbury Auckland P. Mander J. Cropp, J. Smith, L. Bamford
1954 If Otago Lyttelton T. Camp J. Wilson, S. Elder, W. Sutherland
1955 Frith Canterbury Dunedin G. Mander J. Cropp, G. Wilson, R. Bassett
1956 Frith Canterbury Lyttelton G. Mander J. Cropp, G. Wilson, R. Bassett

X-Class Sanders Cup Winners (1957 – 1970)

Year Winner Province Venue Skipper Crew
1957 Pinta Canterbury Akaroa J. Morrison D. Gardiner, P. McKeogh
1958 Nymph Auckland Wellington T. Miller B. Wilson, N. White
1959 Outvie Auckland Auckland B. Wilson P. Simons, R. Rimmer
1960 Valiant Wellington Auckland P. Millar T. Manning, H. Poole
1961 Valiant Wellington Wellington P. Millar T. Manning, N. Sheppard
1962 Vibrant Wellington Wellington P. Millar T. Manning, P. Hartley
1963 Delta Auckland Dunedin L. A. Bouzaid J. Fowler, T. Wallace
1964 Tumanako Canterbury Auckland G. Mander A. Holland, D. Elder
1965 Vision Canterbury Lyttelton A.F. Burgess W. Parratt, R. Burgess
1966 X’tasy Auckland Bluff D. Lidgard L. Bouzaid, J. Lidgard
1967 Charade Wellington Auckland H.D. Poole G. Morris, A. Dobbs
1968 Charade Wellington Wellington H.D. Poole G. Morris, A Dobbs
1969 Charade Wellington Wellington H.D. Poole G. Morris, A Dobbs
1970 Charade Wellington Dunedin H.D. Poole G. Morris, A Dobbs