Javelin Registry

This isn’t completely accurate, so please let us know if you know if anything needs updating by commenting below and we’ll make it happen.  Especially if you have a Javelin in Australia or another country.

Hull/Sail No. Name Design Year Built History Comments Owner Status Location
903 Da Black Pig 1985 Sailing under number 325C Barry Cutfield Known NZL
901 King Tide Ex Perth Boat, brought over by Martin Schuitemaker in 2003 when he moved to Hamilton. Is based on a cherub, or a modified cherub hull. Martin Schuitemaker Known NZL
900 * Unknown * Duncan Known NZL
651 1995? purchased from Greg Reynolds at MOFSC Nathan Triplett Known AUS
524 Trailblazer Lee Mk I 2010 launched on 07th Feb 2010 at 1300 christened with Coruba! David Brown Known NZL
523 Thumper Lee Mk I 2010 launched 26-Sep-2010 at 13:00 christened with Champaign. Originally launched as Full Frontal by Antje Muller. Hamish Norton Evan’s Bay Y&MBC NZL
388 Last Roll of the Dice Windrush 1990’s Purchased from Darren Ballard David Boyle Chelsea YC AUS
382 Sparky unknown 1996 Built in Williams town ( vic), boat was fully rebuilt in 2011 Geoff Legg Rhyll Yacht Club Victoria AUS
381 Orgasm Addict Lee Mk I 2005 Originally launched as Orgasm Additct. Built 2006 by Peter Precey, David Lee, Rob Fordyce. Peter Precey Known NZL
380 Riders on the Storm Lee Mk I 2003 Built by Rob Fordyce, David Lee, Peter Precey. First boat out of the female Lee Mk I (Bungholio) mould January 2003. Colin Shanks Known NZL
379 Plane Sailing Lee Mk II 2002 2009 sold by Steve Roberts to Zac Lamb. John has removed the decks to reduce weight. Taken mold. 2007 John sold to Steve Roberts in Tauranga Zac Lamb Known NZL
378 Phlipnhel McNeill 02 2002 2008: re-building front to bring jib forward and chute larger and back, change shape of transom Phil McNeill Known NZL
377 Ballistix Bain Mk I 2001 2008: Sold the component parts of the boat to various people in Auckland. The hull was very experimental and not that successful so I scrapped this. Built from remenants of Coup de etat by Murray Bain and his father in Dunedin/Christchurch 2001. Deleted NZL
376 Bungholio Lee Mk I 2000 Rob Fordyce Known Dubai
375 Plan A Lee Mk I 2000 2008: had in database alloy mast, but I am pretty sure it is carbon now and not Willets. Sold 2006 by Peter Holt to Peter Gilbert Peter Gilbert Known NZL
374 Flying Circus Lee Mk I 2000 2008: new gennaker, national champions. 2007: new main and jib, national champions David Brown Known NZL
373 Stinger Spencer III 1993 Dean Warren Known NZL
372 Havoc Stacey 1998 Purchased by Mike Barnes & Jo Muir 2012
Rename from “Freckle Deckle” to Havoc
2008: sold to Stuart Goodes Without new main and gennaker. Purchased from Hamish Hey, by Nick Taylor, 2002.
Mike Barnes & Jo Muir Known NZL
371 Vertigo Lock 83 1994 2009 Nick Kennedy selling her on TradeMe. 2008 sold by Grant McInnes to Nick Kennedy. Sold on to Grant McInnes in early 2007. Sold by Jason Trow (Napier) to Anitole Perry (Auckland) in December 2004 Nick Kennedy Known NZL
370 Cedar Beast Stacey 95 1995 Sold by Martin Stacey to Kelly McLuckie, sold to Antje Muller in 2006, sold to Kayne Jacobsen in 2007 Kayne Jacobsen Known NZL
368 The Unknown Stacey 95 1997 2009 sold by Ben Bax to Peter Waring. 2005: chopped decks off, now false floored no deck, self-tacking jib Peter Waring Known NZL
367 Sliver Salthouse 84 1993 2008 needs chute fitted and decks re-fitted. Sold 9 April 2001 – Ex Ben Cowley Bruce Christenson Known NZL
366 Clamp Products Barn Mk II 1995 Sold in 2009 by Doug Roberts to Brett Gray. Sold in 2008 by Brett Huddart to Doug Roberts. Sold to Brett Huddart by Don Barn, 2002 Brett Gray Known NZL
365 Just Perfick McNeil 87 1993 2008 owned by Stephen Palmer. Was Gavin Earles (Napier) Boat and won the Sanders Cup in 1998. Wes bought it off Gavin and took it to Wanaka. Steven Palmer Known NZL
364 Dry Reach McNeil 89 1993 Martin Eathorne Known NZL
363 Wet & Wild Stacey III 1991 2008 Re-named from Wet & Wild to Blossom. 18 Nov 2003 – Sold to Peter Gilbert by Nick Dunne. Peter Gilbert Known NZL
362 The Grim Reaper Spencer IV 1991 2009 sold by Mark Saunders to Mark Findlay. 2009 was given to Tauranga crew Mark and Richard for South Pacifics. Ex Peggy. 2006: sold by Peter Precey to Mark Saunders. Ex www.javelins.org. Ex Torea II. Ex Burnsco. Ex Balzy Calls Mark Findlay Known NZL
361 Thirty Something McNeil 89 1991 2008 broke mast at Nationals. 2007 sold by Russ Evans to Demian Dixon. 2007 was changed to have two trapezes. Sold from Geoff Wilding to Russ Evans 2006. Demian Dixon Known NZL
360 Breakaway Farr Mk III 1989 Sold to Joe and Alex 2013, refinished. Sold by Ant to Peter Fletcher (Auckland). Peter put Murray Bains rig on it. Sold by John Wilson to Ant Leathart of the Waikato in early 2003. Joe Murray-Cullen & Alex Thorpe Known NZL
359 No Name Required McNeil 89 1989 2009 raced in South Pacifics by Derek Snow and Peter Sharp. 2008 re-inforcing mast for square top main. changed to self tacking jib and retractable prod. Phil sold to Peter Sharp in 2007, Phil McNeil Peter Sharp Known NZL
358 Dawn Breaker Farr Mk III 1989 Burned on a bonfire Deleted NZL
357 Ruffas Coleman Mk II 1989 Sold by Errol Smith to his Mate Colin, the boat is down Hinua Ranges way. Sold by Errols Mate to Hans Scheltus in Taupo. Missing NZL
355 Part Timer Farr Mk III 1987 Bill Mullins Known NZL
354 Night Nurse Salthouse 1986 Grant Macduff Known NZL
353 Next Week Salthouse 84 1986 Probable NZL
352 Rapscallion Farr Mk III 1995 Graeme Wall Missing NZL
351 Swizzle Stick Salthouse 84 1986 Ken Fyfe Known NZL
350 Hyper Farr Mk III 1988 Ex Sophisticated Gents. Ex Glamour Boyz Shane Lochrin Known NZL
349 Pig Hunter Marten 80 1986 Ex Rash Decision. Ex The Blue Dog Mark Fincham Known NZL
348 Madison Blues Trotter 86 1986 Missing NZL
347 Horizontal Refreshment Salthouse/Willets 1986 2008 sold by David Lee to Joseph Wright. Ex Gravey Train Joseph Wright Known NZL
346 Bad Blood Farr Mk III 1986 2009 re-painted, leaks fixed. 2008 sold by Roger Barnes (Chris’s brother) to Zac Lamb. Sold by Craig Gurnell (Doyles, Auckland) to Chris Barnes (Tauranga) with no deck gear. Zac Lamb Known NZL
345 Max Farr Mk III 1985 Probable NZL
344 Wai Farr Mk II 1985 Missing NZL
343 HTC Heads 82 1984 Ex Mr Tickle Daniel Moore-Carter Known NZL
342 Canon Hill Flyer Salthouse 84 1984 2009 sold by Graham Roberts. Scott Hedgeman sold it to Graham Roberts in 2007. Sold 2 April 2001 by Geoff Letcher. Mark Carson 1999-2000 Probable NZL
341 Blood Sugar Sex Magic Wagstaff 84 1985 Ex Quantum Meruit Tom Ellis Known NZL
340 Transfusion Salthouse 81 1984 Ex 20 to 4. Sold by Brett Huddart to Edoardo Anastasia in 2003. Sold by Edorado Anastasia 2006 to Morgan Morgan Look Known NZL
339 R.X.N Farr Mk III 1984 12/04/1999 Graham Roberts Bernard Fulton Known NZL
338 Kai whaka pai Farr Mk III 1983 Sold by Ken Urquhart 1997, orginally named as Tess Grant MacGregor Known NZL
337 Red Shadow Coleman 76 1985  ex Fizzicle, built by Alan Bain Morris Hall Dunedin (Vauxhall Yacht Club) NZL
336 Blunderbus Lock 83 1983 Sold to Hamish Norton & Sarah Dunckley 2012, refinished interior. Gone to Marlborough with Matt Michel. Sold by Bob Vernon to Daniel Hayward in 2007 Jan Charman & Megan Admanson Known NZL
335 Hot Tramp Hayman 83 1984 Missing NZL
334 Tupperware Taxi B Coleman 1984 First registered 30 June 1998, previously unmeasured although was sailing 15 years ago. Destroyed Deleted NZL
333 Muleskinner West 83 1984 Wes Cooper Known NZL
332 No Restrictions Stacey 83 1983 James Keene Known NZL
331 The Furry Feeling Trotter 83 1983 Grevill Wills Known NZL
330 Steroid Sandwhich Salthouse 81 1983 Ex Phenomenon. Keith Taylor – Rotorua Hamish Kidd Known NZL
329 Hokonui Dalbeth 83 1983 Ruben Miller Known NZL
328 Dirty Looks Salthouse 81 1983 Ex Surprises. Ex Hot Dogg Probable NZL
327 Shrike III Farr Mk II 1983 Probable NZL
326 Indecision Macintosh 81 1983 Ex Spoof Winkel Brett Chapman Known NZL
325 Desperado Elder 82 1983 Richard Peck sold to Christian Jansen in Rotorua in 2007 Christian Jansen Known NZL
324 C-Sark Macintosh 82 1983 Ted Pinkney Known NZL
323 Champagne Charlie Heads 83 1983 Sold to Australia, Ryan Grieve Deleted NZL
322 Vintage Pair Coleman 82 1983 Probable NZL
321 Geriatric Express Farr Mk III 1982 Adrian Heath Known NZL
320 Zenith Elder 1982 2008 sold by Ryan Hutchings/ Purchased from Ed Wilton by Ryan Hutchings, 21 Feb 2006. Purchased by Ed Wilton from Antje Schreiber in 2003 just before Rotoma Regatta. Purchased by Antje Schreiber from David Brown in 2001 at Rotoma Regatta Missing NZL
319 Exocet Skinner 82 1982 Peter Gilbert Known NZL
318 Black Bart Macintosh 81 1982 2012: Mat Macmillan bought her from Kez Cameron, 2002: got Karn Foils. New Style Fyfe Sails. Beach Trolley. 15/11/1982 Ex Brian Medland. Ex Sirrocco Mat Macmillan Known NZL
317 Transformer Macintosh 81 1982 2008: Colin bought her around 1990, fixed her up (get rot out and paint with two-pot, replaced blocks and ropes), took her out sailing and broke the mast (ram mounted wrong way round). Has been sitting in the paddock for the last 10 or 12 years. Colin Horsfall Known NZL
316 Heart Attack Elder 82 1982 Missing NZL
315 Psycho Elder 81 1982 Ex Pacific Express. Sold by Dave Tyrer to Peter Holt, 2000. Sold by Peter Holt, to Peter Gilbert, 2002. Stripped hull with some gear donated by Peter Gilbert to Bay of Islands Yacht Club 2007. past repair; given to playgroup as adequate sandbox for childre Oscar Child Care Deleted NZL
314 Swingshift Macintosh 81 1982 2008 was done up and sold by Christ Laming. Chris Laming bought her off somone in Banks Peninsula in 2007 Missing NZL
313 Summer Breeze Wagstaff 1982 Sold to Jonny Knopp Oct 2009. Nick Taylor to Stuart MacKinven in 2002. Given by Barnaby Nye to Nick Taylor before Wellington South Pacifics. Jonny Knopp Known NZL
312 Battlestar Farr Mk III 1982 Neil Hey Known NZL
311 Mr Sandman Coleman 80 1982 Stuart McLachlan, Dunedin. Brought by Shaun Gilbertson in Wanaka. Bought by David Blee from Timaru off Shaun Gilbertson from Wanaka – February 2005. Sold to Thomas Board in October 2007 ; sold on to Neil Pemberton Neil Pemberton Known NZL
310 Vitamin C Coleman 79 1982 Probable NZL
309 Strike Free Coleman 79 1982 Missing NZL
308 Barn Storm Barn Mk I 1989 Sold to Mark O’Brian and Keiren Langley of Hamilton by Brett Limmer before 2002 Nationals in Auckland. Sold by Mark & Keiren to Pete Hoult (Bay of Islands) in October 2004 Peter Hoult Known NZL
307 Short Circuit Hayman 81 1981 Missing NZL
306 Quixotic Coleman 78 1981 Martin Eathorne Known NZL
305 Hot Gossip Stacey 78 1981 Sold by Tim Willetts to Antje Schreiber November 2003. Hull rebuilt in 2000 by Tim Willetts Antje Muller Known NZL
304 Co-Respondent Coleman 78 1981 Missing NZL
303 Eskimo Pie Salthouse 81 1981 Written off on Auckland Motorway Deleted NZL
302 Rama Rama Rocket Marten 1981 Called MAD now. 2009 sold to Daniel Manning. by Aaron Wilson. Ex Ross Browlee, Gisborne Daniel Manning Known NZL
301 Pointer Farr Mk III 1981 Mar 2000 – Brett Goldschmidt Auckland sold to “Rosco” Davies Otago Ross Davies Known NZL
300 Zeus Coleman 80 1983 Deleted NZL
299 Coup de Etat Coleman 79 1981 Destroyed by Murray Bain 2000 in an attempt to change the hull shape. Murray Bain Deleted NZL
297 Runnaway Farr Mk II 1983 Deleted NZL
296 Vivacious Elder 80 1981 Missing NZL
295 Stanley Bay Steamer Coleman 1981 2008 Owner Murray Binning died. His son Chris sold it to Milford. new main, jib and kite around 2006, hardly sailed with them Known NZL
294 Queenie Sarah Jane Blucher VIII Murray 1981 Missing NZL
293 Huggy Bear Farr Mk II 1981 Kent Copplestone Deleted NZL
292 Simon Kipper Elder 80 1981 Probable NZL
291 Taniwha Elder 80 1981 Probable NZL
290 Other Way Up Coleman 81 1981 Sailing under No. 326? Missing NZL
289 Phoebe Coleman 1979 Ex Andrew Grieg 9/03/1999. Ex Andrew McConchie. Ex Speedy Banana. Owner 2002: Phil Ellis Phil Ellis Missing NZL
288 Hermonogies K Thukrutes B Hayman 1980 Missing NZL
287 Jezebel Farr Mk I 1979 Missing NZL
286 Enthusiasm Marten 1978 Missing NZL
285 Thrills ‘N’ Spills Marten 1979 Mike Alston 16/11/1983 Tony Kiff Known NZL
284 Wildfire Mitchell 1978 2009 cracked frames under false floor being repaired. Daniel sold to Robert Krebs in 2007. Luke Porter sold to Daniel Hayward in 2006. Ex Frozen Fire. Robert Krebs Known NZL
283 Chilli Bin Coleman 1979 Deleted NZL
282 Adrenalin Pump Coleman 1979 Missing NZL
281 Sarissa Spencer III 1978 Missing NZL
280 Daddy Cool Spence 1979 Missing NZL
279 Thunderchild Farr Mk II 1978 Ex Salamander Missing NZL
278 Wreckless I Marten 1978 Ex The Wife Deleted NZL
277 Simple Dream Spencer/Elder 1978 Missing NZL
276 Mechanical Peanut Farr Mk II 1978 Ex Fonz Missing NZL
275 Copper Complexion Duncalf 1978 Murray Bain Known NZL
274 Snuffleupagust Farr Mk II 1978 Missing NZL
273 Big Bananaz Coleman 1978 2008 Boat was rotten, has been disposed of. Ex “Big Bananaz”. Brought from Peter Wallace in Auckland by Nathan Monk, and Xander Tait for $500 on 4th November 2001. Converted to Gennaker and raced in Napier. Renamed to Reckless from Big Bananaz Deleted NZL
272 Blue Nose Farr Mk II 1978 Grant MacDuff purchased from Bayswater yacht broker. Peter Fletcher (Auckland), Sold John Known NZL
271 Komotion Farr Mk II 1978 Missing NZL
270 Merryjest Farr Mk II 1978 Ex Inflation Probable NZL
269 Tam O Shanter Farr Mk II 1978 Missing NZL
268 Dogmatix Farr Mk II 1977 Keith Johnstone Known NZL
267 Export Quality Farr Mk II 1978 Missing NZL
266 Coup de Grace Farr Mk II 1978 Missing NZL
265 Touche Farr Mk II 1978 Donated by Paul Gillingham to Bay of Islands Yacht Club in 2008 Bay of Islands Yacht Club Known NZL
264 Koro Elder 1978 Probable NZL
263 Gandalf Spencer 1977 Missing NZL
262 Nice One Farr Mk II 1978 Warren Foulds (Napier) sold to Geoff Copplestone (Auckland) September 2004. Geoff Sold to Grant McInnes early 2007. Sold on to Kerry Roger mid-2007. Winter 2008: new paint job top and bottom. In very good repair. Sold to Paddy O’Reilly 2013 Evan’s Bay Antje Muller Known NZL
261 Woodstock Estcourt 1977 Missing NZL
260 The Mighty Wurlitzer Pryde 1977 Neil Keating, Brought from Man in Rotorua whos Father was deceased. Known NZL
259 Stanraer Dunbar 1977 Missing NZL
258 Lorilei Reynolds Ure 1977 Steve Holt reports boat as being used by a Kindy for kids to play in. Deleted NZL
257 Rising Damp Farr Mk II 1977 Ex Haze Deleted NZL
256 Fernando Marten 1977 Missing NZL
255 Fleet Scribbler Farr Mk II 1977 Missing NZL
254 Concrete Taxi Marten 1977 Ex Short N Curly Deleted NZL
253 Dancing Queen Farr Mk II 1977 Missing NZL
252 Hustler Spencer 1976 Missing NZL
251 Fantzipantz Spencer 1976 Missing NZL
250 Big Bertha Coleman 1975 Missing NZL
249 Xebec Farr Mk II 1972 Missing NZL
247 Wings Morley/Townshend 1975 Ex Frazbee Missing NZL
246 Free & Easy Estcourt 1975 S White Napier. Nathan Farmer, Foxton Beach Nathan Farmer Known NZL
245 Gorilla Sharps 1975 Missing NZL
244 Bazil Brush Farr Mk II 1976 13/03/1983, J Sneddon, Napier Martin van Zonneveld Known NZL
243 Riah Farr Mk II 1975 Missing NZL
242 Strawdog Farr Mk II 1975 Deleted NZL
241 Worzel Gummidge Farr Mk II 1975 Missing NZL
240 Anaconda B Coleman 1974 Missing NZL
239 Bald Twit Lion Farr Mk II 1974 Ex Hercules. Ex Razzamatazz Missing NZL
238 Randee Farr Mk II 1974 Missing NZL
237 Jonathon Livingston Seagull Farr Mk II 1974 restored in 2008 Chris Pawson Known NZL
236 Greebie Q Farr Mk II 1975 Missing NZL
235 Aphrodite Farr Mk II 1975 Missing NZL
234 Assagai Farr Mk II 1973 Missing NZL
233 Natasha Farr Mk II 1975 Ex Midnight Creeper Missing NZL
232 Farr Mk II 1973 Missing NZL
228 Attilla Farr Mk II 1974 Missing NZL
227 Wave Rider Farr Mk II 1975 Missing NZL
226 Santana Farr Mk II 1974 Missing NZL
225 Thrill Seeker Monson 1975 Missing NZL
224 Underdog Farr Mk II 1975 Missing NZL
223 Gold Finger Farr Mk II 1977 Missing NZL
222 Apogee Farr Mk II 1975 Missing NZL
221 Zest Wagstaff 1974 Hanging up in Te-Papa Known NZL
220 Pretty Jane Todd 1974 Missing NZL
219 Gretchen Farr Mk II 1974 Ex Alley Jo Missing NZL
218 Blue Beard Wagstaff 1974 Missing NZL
217 Impetuous Farr Mk II 1974 Missing NZL
215 Karimba Farr Mk II 1977 Missing NZL
213 The Sting Farr Mk II 1973 Ex Apple Knockers Flophouse Missing NZL
212 Avanga 1977 Missing NZL
211 Ronda-K Monson 1973 Missing NZL
210 Ranger Price 1973 Missing NZL
209 Blind Faith Farr Mk I 1973 Missing NZL
208 Slap ‘N’ Tickle Coleman 1973 Missing NZL
207 Charlatan Mitchell 1973 Missing NZL
206 Marmalade Lyttelton 1973 In good working order and occasionally comes out for a spash in Lyttelton and Pigeon Bay  Graham Batchelor Known NZL
205 Smarty Pants B Coleman 1974 Missing NZL
204 Uncle Bill Farr Mk II 1973 Missing NZL
203 Carnegie Farr Mk II 1973 Missing NZL
202 Wantok Spencer 1973 Missing NZL
201 Earnslaw Kid Spencer 1973 Missing NZL
200 Hombre Marten 1973 Missing NZL
199 Clockwork Orange Fox 1973 Missing NZL
198 Jeronomo Spencer 1973 Missing NZL
197 Ganother Gnu Farr Mk II 1972 Ex Percy Missing NZL
196 Golliwog Marten 1973 2008 was for sale on TradeMe for $750 by Quentin. G Battersby, Christchurch Quentin XXXX Known NZL
195 Afakazze Farr Mk II 1973 Destroyed by Graham Roberts, Ohope 2001 Deleted NZL
194 Conquistador Farr Mk II 1973 Probable NZL
193 Bamboozle Wagstaff 1973 Missing NZL
192 Ralf Wagstaff 1972 2008: scavanged for parts and chopped up. was too heavy and past repair. 2008 In Northland, sailing Taipa Classics with sailnumber 336. Ex Katrinka. Ex REEB Dean Lutze Deleted NZL
191 Vindictive Farr Mk II 1972 2008 Daniel Moore-Carter. Brian Peace. 20/11/1977, G Williams, Auckland Daniel Moore-Carter Known NZL
190 Zabbadak Fisher 1972 Missing NZL
189 Chloe B Coleman 1972 Missing NZL
188 Can Can Farr Mk II 1972 Missing NZL
187 Bilbo Baggins of Bag End Farr Mk II 1972 Missing NZL
186 Bounty Hunter Mitchell 1972 Missing NZL
185 Fonzie Todd 1972 Ex Miss Marie Missing NZL
184 Winaway Todd 1972 Missing NZL
183 Joshua Farr Mk I 1972 Ex Zed Missing NZL
182 Daddy Cool B Coleman 1972 Missing NZL
181 The Opposition Spencer 1971 Mark Kenah Known NZL
180 Wind Hover Spencer 1972 Ex Old Crow Peter Holt Known NZL
179 Ossian Farr Mk II 1972 Missing NZL
178 Tara Wagstaff 1971 Missing NZL
177 Gnu Wagstaff 1971 Missing NZL
176 FireCracker Wagstaff 1971 Missing NZL
175 Mary Poppins Mills/Farr 1971 Missing NZL
174 Mr Bojangles Spencer 1971 Ken Cuttle Known NZL
173 Ad Astra Marten 1971 Missing NZL
172 Gollum Spencer 1971 Ex Gemima Missing NZL
171 Taiaha Spencer 1971 Missing NZL
170 Optimist Spencer 1971 Missing NZL
169 Roulette Spencer 1971 Missing NZL
168 Scintillate Farr Mk I 1971 Missing NZL
167 Elusive Farr Mk I 1971 Probable NZL
166 Diana Spencer 1971 Missing NZL
165 Vendetta Spencer 1971 Missing NZL
164 Rasputin Spencer 1970 Ex Samurai Missing NZL
163 Hukarere Farr Mk I 1970 Missing NZL
162 Joy Maree Spencer 1970 Missing NZL
161 Topaz B Coleman 1970 Wrecked on Rocks Deleted NZL
160 Artful Dodger Spencer 1970 Missing NZL
159 Jeannie Spencer 1970 Missing NZL
158 Tranquil Farr Mk I 1971 Missing NZL
157 Incs Hart 1971 Ex Hilary. Ex Griddle. Ex R Grant, Auckland Martin Kannegieter Known NZL
156 Nimrod Spencer 1970 1970 – Sleepy Jo Missing NZL
155 Chiquita Spencer 1969 Missing NZL
154 Tiffany Hart 1969 Brought from Michael Clark by Eugene Visser around March 2004. Eugene Visser Known NZL
153 Valhalla II Spencer 1969 Missing NZL
152 Lady Willpower Spencer 1969 Ex Lady Willpower. ex 7/12/1977, J Hornblow, Foxton as “Jeronimo”. ex Jeronimo, Jacob Evans-Scott, Evans Bay sold 22/07/2005 Peter Burgham Known NZL
151 Sorene 1969 Missing NZL
150 Sagitarius Spencer 1969 Missing NZL
149 Jonah Spencer 1969 Ex Jacaranda Missing NZL
148 Manaia Spencer 1969 Ex Chiquita Missing NZL
147 Thirsty Boots Spencer 1969 Sold to Suva Deleted NZL
146 John Wesley Harding Spencer 1970 Deleted NZL
145 Antoinette Spencer 1969 Missing NZL
144 Knippa Spencer IIA 1968 Missing NZL
143 Amethyst Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
142 Fugative Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
141 The Graduate Spencer 1968 Tryphena Missing NZL
140 Nitty Gritty Wigg 1968 Deleted NZL
139 Black Tulip Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
138 Jim Beam Spencer 1968 NZ Maritime Museum Known NZL
137 Daisy Jean Smith 1968 Deleted NZL
136 Challenger Spencer 1968 Ex Runaway II Missing NZL
135 Tina Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
134 Cheyenne Spencer 1971 Missing NZL
133 Constellation Spencer 1969 Missing NZL
132 Profile Nelson 1968 2008 Bought by Thomas Basset. 200? Sold by Mat Wos. owned by Rob Fordyce late 90s Thomas Basset Known NZL
131 Prometheus Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
130 Riot Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
129 Red Gauntlet 1969 Missing NZL
128 Audacity Spencer 1970 Missing NZL
127 Zak 1969 Missing NZL
126 Crusader 1968 Missing NZL
125 Jabberwock Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
124 K.J Spencer 1969 Ex Diadem. Ex Classic Lager Missing NZL
123 Kehua Spencer 1969 Missing NZL
122 Ella Mae Spencer 1968 Adrian France Known NZL
121 Joint Account Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
120 Phantom Fiddler Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
119 Penguin Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
118 Puddleduck Spencer 1969 Missing NZL
117 Ventura Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
116 Jester Spencer 1968 Ex Taihara Missing NZL
115 Nirvana Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
114 Invader Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
113 Krakajak Spencer 1967 Jon Roscoe Known NZL
112 Anna Ure 1968 Missing NZL
111 Ide’s of March Spencer 1968 2008 repaired with parts of Ralf (192). Dean Lutze Known NZL
110 Paper Tiger Brooke 1968 Missing NZL
109 Skoocumchuck Spencer 1968 Ex Delta Missing NZL
108 Fantasy Spencer 1967 Deleted NZL
107 Papageno Spencer 1967 Ex Keramos Missing NZL
106 Frith Spencer 1967 Missing NZL
105 Geisha Spencer 1967 Hans Scheltus Known NZL
104 Adamant Spencer 1966 Missing NZL
103 Scheherezade Spencer 1966 Deleted NZL
102 Ovation Spencer 1966 Missing NZL
101 Anathea Spencer 1967 Missing NZL
100 Andromeda Spencer 1966 Missing NZL
99 Haeramai Spencer 1966 Missing NZL
98 Sundowner 1967 Missing NZL
97 Arrow Morrison 1967 Missing NZL
96 Cirrus Welder 1967 Missing NZL
95 Splatterdash Spencer 1967 Ex Koa. Ex Kay Jay Missing NZL
94 Javeline Spencer 1966 Ex Rob Roy Missing NZL
93 Sonic Morris 1966 Missing NZL
92 Giavelina Beere 1966 Missing NZL
89 Pierre Lapin Spencer 1965 Ex Taranui Missing NZL
88 Piranha Spencer 1965 Missing NZL
87 Amokura Spencer 1965 Missing NZL
86 Lady Kay Spencer 1965 Ex Bonanza II Missing NZL
85 Sea God Spencer 1968 Missing NZL
84 Earlybird Spencer 1965 Missing NZL
83 Falcon Spencer 1965 Ex Snatch Missing NZL
82 Oroinoco Spencer 1965 Ex Huata Missing NZL
81 Avanti Spencer 1965 Sold to Suva Deleted NZL
80 Cavalier Cooke 1965 Missing NZL
79 Trouble Shooter Spencer 1965 Ex Spartan Missing NZL
78 Runaway Spencer 1965 Sold to Suva Deleted NZL
77 Huata Rere Spencer 1965 Ex Missile Missing NZL
76 Sailaway Spencer 1965 Ex Cavalier Missing NZL
75 Slippery Sam Spencer 1965 Missing NZL
74 Panic Spencer 1965 Ex Hustler Missing NZL
73 Surfrider Spencer 1964 Ex Bwana Missing NZL
72 G-J Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
71 Discretion Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
70 Esprit Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
69 Querida Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
68 Rangi Spencer 1964 2000: Bruce Warren sold this to Simon in Devonport. Owner before Bruce Warren: P Sargisson, Auckland Simon Probable NZL
67 Jumbuck Spencer 1964 Ex Huatamoana Missing NZL
66 Aloha Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
65 Valkyrie Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
64 Nimbus Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
63 Safari Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
62 Alpha Spencer 1964 Sold to Suva Deleted NZL
61 Lady Jane Spencer 1967 Deleted NZL
60 No Offence Spencer 1964 Sold to Suva Deleted NZL
59 Hasty Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
58 Boadicea Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
57 Paina Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
56 Harmony Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
55 Ra Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
54 Pegasus Spencer 1964 Deleted NZL
53 Peer Gynt Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
52 Vixen Spencer 1965 Sold to Samoa Deleted NZL
51 Gi Gi Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
50 Assegai Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
49 Psyche IV Spencer 1966 Missing NZL
48 Terriff Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
47 Venom Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
46 Cossack Spencer 1964 Ex Sprindrift Missing NZL
45 Dianne Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
44 Jason Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
43 Nemesis Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
42 Falcon Spencer 1964 Ex Valiant. Sold to Suva Deleted NZL
41 Telstar Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
40 Sea Horse Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
39 Samantha Spencer 1965 Sold to Suva Deleted NZL
38 Banzai Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
37 King of Saxony Spencer 1964 Ex Telstar Missing NZL
36 Tempest Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
35 Cryptic Spencer 1966 Sold to Suva Deleted NZL
34 Huata Spencer 1964 Deleted NZL
33 Bolics Spencer 1967 Ex Nga Hau Te Whua. Ex Verity, purchased from Jason Holdt James Durkin New Plymouth NZL
32 Halycon Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
31 Elizabeth Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
29 Pagan Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
28 Symphony Spencer 1963 Boat sold in Fiji, 1970 Deleted NZL
27 Diocles Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
26 Samitar Spencer 1964 Daniel Manning purchased from Len Brown, current under restoration Daniel Manning Known NZL
25 Strife Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
24 Myralyn Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
23 Demon Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
22 Pasadena Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
21 Calypso Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
20 Wayword Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
19 Teardrop Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
18 Ingenue Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
17 Ajax Spencer 1965 Missing NZL
16 Jindivik Spencer 1962 Ex Kai Kai Missing NZL
15 Magic Bus Lock 83 1995 Sold from Eddie Markey to Peter Blake after 1997 Number originally allocated “Hue and Cry”, Spencer 1962. Peter Blake Known NZL
13 Wendy Bev II Bob Miller (Ben Lexcen) 1968 Owned by Peter Anderson-Stewart 1969-1971. Original name Wimaway. Built by Ian Peden. Sold to John Gale Missing AUS
13 Cheetah Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
12 Gold Rush Spencer 1963 Ex Rhapsody Missing NZL
11 Yandoo Too Spencer 1964 Missing NZL
10 Tempora Spencer 1963 Missing NZL
9 Pantomime Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
8 Snigglefritz Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
7 Talisman Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
6 Venture Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
5 Mach I Spencer 1962 Ex Chie. 2001: It was full of dry rot and had rotten sails etc. ie: it’s dead and gone now. Deleted NZL
4 Buccaneer Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
3 Galivant Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
2 Flair Spencer 1962 Missing NZL
1 White Heron Spencer 1962 Missing NZL

23 thoughts on “Javelin Registry”

  1. Hi. I bought Black Bart off Kez about 2-years ago. I still sail with him regularly though. Bart still resides in Tauranga. Keen to do some regattas but find it hard to get any calendar dates or info about these!

    1. Thanks Mat,
      I’ve updated 318 with your details.
      I’ll also get up a draft program for this coming season in the next few days too.

  2. I had nr 13 in Sydney, Australia in 1969-1971. Original name Wimaway, changed to Wendy Bev II. Designed by Bob Miller (Ben Lexcen), for whom I worked and built by Ian Peden in 1968.

    It was sold to a chap who took it to the Nationals in Melbourne, but he suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and died before being able to sail it.

    I organised to buy it back from his parents and sold it to John Gale. I saw it in the late 1970s in a parlous state at Woollahra Sailing Club in Sydney, all the beautiful bespoke high tech fittings had been removed and the people sailing it had little idea of what it once had been …

    Two Cherubs based on the design were also built by Ian Peden for Grant and Karen Simmer and sailed in the Second World Cherub championships in Auckland.

    I still have a few photos somewhere if you are interested.

  3. Nathan Triplett here, I have recently bought Jav 651 from Greg Reynolds at MOFSC. Im not sure of hull build date, apparently around 20 years old, so around 1995? Cheers

  4. Hi I have just bought javelin 033 “Bolics” off Jason Holdt. shes been sailing up in New Plymouth for the last few years. keen to do a full refit and get her back in racing condition.

  5. Hi, I recently bought 388, last roll of the dice off Darren Ballard. Its sailing out of Chelsea yc. I think its a windrush hull from memory, built late 90’s I think but Darren
    Updated it, self tacker, rig etc. Cheers, David Boyle.

  6. Hi There,
    I Just bought a javelin,
    Name: Sparky
    Sail number: 382
    Year Built: 1996
    History: Built in Williams town ( vic), boat was fully rebuilt in 2011.
    Owner: Geoff Legg
    Status: Rhyll Yacht Club Victoria
    Location: Australia


  7. Hi, I have owned Marmalade 206 for the last 35 years. She is still in good working order and occasionally comes out for a spash in Lyttelton and Pigeon Bay. Graham Batchelor

  8. Saw Nice One sailing on the Kerikeri Inlet today, great to see a Jav plying the waters out there again. Looked like they were doing some practice, changing setup or setting up the prod-genaker.

  9. I’ve recently bought Javelin 393 Razor from Peter sharp. it was built around 2008/09. Kelly Marine hull. I have subsequently sold Last Roll of The Dice to James Thomson and Greg Parsons . Both boats are still in Victoria. Razor sailing out of chelsea yc.

  10. I have 313 summer breeze. She has a new square top main, jib and prod kite and is being sailed out of manly sailing club on Whangapoaroa. She is about to have a full tidy up and re-paint

  11. Hey, just acquired Adamant 104 from Bluff yacht club she was donated to the club from Stewart island several years ago, she is in good nick just needs rigging replaced and will hopefully have her sailing next season down here in the Deep South

    1. Hi Helena,
      Those are great news!
      There is also interest in Canterbury. It would be great to have the South Island fleet connecting again!
      Kind regards,

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