Sanders Cup Rules

Rules of the Sanders Memorial Cup inter-provincial yachting contest

Last updated 1993

1. Eligible Boats

Competition is interprovincial and open to boats of the New Zealand Yachting Federation nationally recognised class selected by the Sanders Cup Association for the contest. This class is currently the fourteen (14) foot mono hull Javelin.

2. Provinces eligible to enter

Each Province as defined may be represented by one boat only. The Province eligible to compete in the contest are those as laid down for the Rugby Union competition within New Zealand. The Provincial colours of the Union team also apply. Letters indicating the Province on it’s representative boats mainsail and ribbons depicting the district, boat, and crew in Provincial colours have long been a tradition in the Sanders Memorial Cup contest. Districts representing should endeavour to continue these traditions.

3. Bona Fide representation

The Nominated crew of each district’s representative boat must have been normally resident within such district for a minimum of sixty (60) days immediately prior to the contest.

4. Control of the venue

The contest shall be conducted by The New Zealand Sanders Cup Association whose representative is the Club who has been allocated the running of the contest by the New Zealand Sanders Cup Association. The New Zealand Yachting Federation Rules for the conduct of National contests shall be used.
The contest shall immediately precede the National Contest of the competing class and shall be held at the same venue, within the same week. Preference is for the regatta to be conducted in the later part of January each year. The contest shall be decided by the Olympic Scoring Points system in force at the time of the contest, and will be over five (5) races with the best of four (4) counting. All races will count if only four (4) or less are able to be sailed.
The contest shall not be held more than two (2) times in the one representative district in any five (5) consecutive years. When the defender wins the contest, and is not entitled to contest the Cup on it’s own waters in the ensuing year, or does not wish to hold the next contest on it’s own waters, The New Zealand Sanders Cup Association shall decide the venue of the next contest.
Every endeavour should be made to equalise the cost of travel by altering the contest between the North and South Islands if possible and through travel equalisation of entry fees.

5. Notification of date of contest

The date of the contest shall be fixed by the Host Club or Squadron (with reference to rule 3) who shall notify the New Zealand Yachting Federation and all other Squadrons, Provincial Yachting Associations, and districts of the date so fixed, six (6) months prior to the date proposed.

6. Entries

Entries in writing close with the Secretary of the Host Club on or before 31st December preceding the contest. All crew members must be financial members of a yeacht club affiliated to the New Zealand Yachting Federation.
Each entry is to be accompanied by an entry fee of $50. The Host Club is to forward a list of all entries to the New Zealand Yachting Federation along with their current levy per entrant and The Sanders Cup Association along with $10 per entrant. The remainder is to be used by the Host Club to offset expenses.

7. Trophy

The Sanders Cup shall be held by the winners for the one year and the Provincial Yachting Association or District whom they represent shall be responsible for the engraving of the Cup, and the Cup shall be kept I good condition. The Cup shall be insured by The New Zealand Sanders Cup Association in the name of the New Zealand Yachting Federation. The Sanders Cup shall be forwarded to the Club holding the next contest fourteen (14) days prior to the next contest.

8. Kingham Trophy

The Kingham Trophy was donated by the Kingham Family to the Timaru Yacht Club. This trophy is the perpetual property of the Timaru Yacht Club and Must always remain in New Zealand. The Kingham Trophy has been made available by the Timaru Yacht Club to The Sanders Cup Association for the presenting annually to the winner of the Invitation race for the Sanders Cup Class Yachts that traditionally precedes the Sanders Cup Contest.

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