South Pacific Championships

Air New Zealand Trophy
Air New Zealand Trophy

A South Pacific or Inter-Dominion contest is held in which both New Zealand and 2Australian boats compete. The regatta is sailed every two years, and is alternated between the countries.



South Pacific Winners 1968 to 2013

Year Venue Yacht Crew Nationality
1968 – 69 Sydney, NSW Rangi P Walker NZ
Australia D Hutchinson
1970 – 71 Christchurch John Wesley Harding J Bilger NZ
New Zealand M Ross
1972 – 73 Suva Jumping Jehosa Phat J Wilmont Aust
Fiji G Davidson
1974 – 75 Belmont Afakazee J Bilger NZ
Australia M Ross
1976 – 77 Auckland Tina I McGill NZ
New Zealand R Floyd
1978 – 79 Chelsea, VIC Big Bertha G Coleman NZ
Australia L Kennedy
1980 – 81 Napier Big Bananas G Coleman NZ
New Zealand L Kennedy
1982 – 83 Toronto, NSW Mac G Engert Aust
Australia P Campbell
1984 – 85 Auckland Nice One C Greenwood NZ
New Zealand E Berry
1986 – 87 Perth, WA Spun Out P Moore Aust
Australia A Dean
1988 – 89 Wellington Blunderbus B Vernon NZ
New Zealand P Vernon
1990 – 91 Chelsea, VIC Hot Gossip G Cochrane NZ
1992 – 93 Napier Coup de Tat G Ball, C Dagley NZ
New Zealand
1994 – 95 Perth, WA Just Another Illusion R Hanrahan Aust
1996 – 97 Auckland L.A. Woman P Layton, K Robb Aust
New Zealand
1998 – 99 Melbourne The Other Woman P Layton, D Russell Aust
2000 – 2001 Wellington, New Zealand Freckle Deckle A Vallings, H Hey NZ
2002 – 2003 Perth, WA, Australia Bungholio R Fordyce, C Gilberd NZ
2004 – 2005 Gisborne, New Zealand Freckle Deckle N Taylor, R Brailey NZ
2006 – 2007 Chelsea, VIC, Australia Warren A Hirst, P Newman Aust
2008 – 2009 Tauranga, New Zealand Phlipnhel P NcNeill, M Smith NZ
2010 – 2011 Melbourne Fat Boys B Henessy, A Hacket Aust
2012 – 2013 Bay of Islands, New Zealand Phlipnhel P NcNeill, N Deverell/ H Hey NZ
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