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Shots from Behind – Transom Shapes

Here are a few shots of a few New Zealand Javelins I have, “most” of the photos I took at the NZ Nationals 2014 , sailed in Evan’s Bay, Wellington.

It’s food for thought, given that both that both Philpnhel and Bax Contactors have performed very well recently.  Philpnhel having a flat transom, and Bax Contractors is looks to be pretty much an arc with some depth.  The Lee hull seems to in between two, and by results it holds it’s own in all conditions over the last 10 years.  Does transom shape matter?  What shape is quicker?  What shape is makes handling more forgiving?  What shape gives you an improvement in handling (e.g. gust response)?

Blunderbus, my former boat, has a very wide and rounded shape.  The roundness make her very forgiving, however the larger wetted surface area means she lacks the speed the others have over her on the run.

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If anyone has any other images showing of their transom profile, especially the australian designs, please contact me via the contact page or on facebook.  It would be great to add to this.